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Lucianna’s insides were tied in little knots as she peered down at her guard’s slumbering form, rightfully disgusted with herself for dropping a vial of sleeplace into his nightly fireweed tea.

WIP First Sentence - L.T. Ellis


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Best Historical Fiction Writing Prompts

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Book Title Ideas: Crafting the Perfect Name for Your Story

Book Title Ideas: Crafting the Perfect Name for Your Story

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The Art of Creating Fantasy Names

The Art of Creating Fantasy Names

In the realm of fantasy, names are not just mere labels; they are windows into the soul of a character, a glimpse into their heritage, and a hint at their destiny. From the mystic lands of high fantasy to the shadowed corners of urban tales, names carry power. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the art of creating unique fantasy names, with a special focus on multiethnic representations, enriching the tapestry of our imaginary worlds.