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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. If you adore young adult fantasy books, creative writing tips, and watching authors chase their dreams, then you’re in the right place.  I’m currently in the trenches of writing my first young adult fantasy novel. One of my favorite hobbies is searching out and reading new books that will take me on my next adventure. I love diving into immersive world-building and experiencing characters that nestle their way into my heart. Visit my book blog to instantly access my Must Reads Lists.

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Indie Reads

My Top 5 YA Indie Author Must Reads

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YA Fantasy Reads

My Top 10 YA Fantasy Reads of 2022

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All Time Favorite YA Fantasy Books

My Top 15 All Time YA Fantasy Reads

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The Vowed

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The Young Wolf

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The Thief


Lucianna’s insides were tied in little knots as she peered down at her guard’s slumbering form, rightfully disgusted with herself for dropping a vial of sleeplace into his nightly fireweed tea.

WIP First Sentence - L.T. Ellis


Snow-Inspired Character Names

Snow-Inspired Character Names

Snow-Inspired Character Names As the first snowflake of the season touches the ground, a world of inspiration opens up for writers, game designers, and expecting parents alike. There's something inherently magical and serene about snow that can spark the imagination, leading to a flurry of names...

How to Write Sister Relationships

How to Write Sister Relationships

Explore the art of writing authentic sister relationships with this insightful guide! From the highs and lows of sibling bonds to capturing the unique dynamics between sisters, this blog post is filled with tips, personal anecdotes, and humor. Perfect for writers looking to add depth and realism to their characters. Dive into the world of sisterhood with us. 📝💕