Best Historical Fiction Writing Prompts


Historical fiction, a genre that weaves the rich tapestry of the past with the vibrant threads of narrative creativity, is a field that offers endless possibilities. It allows writers to explore different time periods, cultures, and events while adding their own unique twist. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best historical fiction writing prompts to ignite your imagination and transport you to different eras.

The Secret Inventor of Renaissance Venice:

Imagine you’re a brilliant, unrecognized inventor in Renaissance Venice. You’ve created something revolutionary, but due to the constraints of your social status, you can’t reveal it. How do you navigate the complex social and political waters of the time to bring your invention to light? Could it be a new form of art, a scientific discovery, or a technological marvel?

The Lost Diary of a Titanic Passenger:

Write a story from the perspective of a fictional passenger on the Titanic. This passenger is not just any traveler but someone with a mysterious past and a valuable secret. Explore their life through entries in a diary that was thought to be lost in the disaster but is found decades later, revealing unknown aspects of the Titanic’s fateful journey.

A Revolutionary War Spy:

Set during the American Revolutionary War, your character is a spy for the Patriots, living a double life in British-occupied New York. The story delves into the challenges of espionage during this tumultuous period, including secret missions, coded messages, and the constant risk of discovery. What personal sacrifices must your character make for the sake of freedom?

An Unlikely Friendship in Ancient Egypt:

In the thriving era of Ancient Egypt, two individuals from vastly different backgrounds – a royal scribe and a foreign trader – form an unlikely friendship. Their story offers a glimpse into the daily life, politics, and culture of ancient Egypt, exploring how their friendship survives in a society marked by strict social hierarchies and cultural differences.

The Unsung Heroine of the French Resistance:

Set in World War II occupied France, your protagonist is a young woman who becomes an integral part of the French Resistance. Her journey is one of courage, betrayal, and survival as she plays a crucial role in significant operations against the Nazi regime. The story reveals the often-overlooked contributions of women in wartime efforts and the personal costs of such a dangerous endeavor.

The Apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci:

In the heart of the Italian Renaissance, imagine being an apprentice to the great Leonardo da Vinci. You uncover a groundbreaking invention or work of art by Leonardo that history has forgotten. The story revolves around your efforts to complete and protect this masterpiece, navigating the intrigues and dangers of Renaissance Italy.

The Lost Pharaoh’s Tomb Explorer:

Set in the early 20th century, you are an explorer who discovers a previously unknown tomb of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. However, the tomb holds secrets that challenge the established history of ancient Egypt. The story delves into your journey of discovery, the curse you encounter, and the historical implications of your findings.

A Secret Agent in Cold War Berlin:

During the height of the Cold War, you’re a double agent operating in divided Berlin. The story follows your dangerous life, balancing allegiances to both sides while trying to prevent a catastrophic event that could escalate the Cold War into a full-blown nuclear conflict.

Surviving the Great Plague of London:

Set in 1665 during the Great Plague of London, you are a doctor struggling to treat patients amidst the spreading disease. The story explores the challenges of medical science at the time, the fear and superstition among the populace, and a personal quest to find a cure or means to alleviate the suffering.

The Lost Voyage of a Polynesian Navigator:

Journey into the world of ancient Polynesian explorers. Your protagonist is a young navigator who sets sail on an ambitious voyage to discover new islands, guided only by the stars and the ocean currents. This journey is not only physical but also spiritual, delving into the rich mythology and seafaring traditions of Polynesian culture.

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