Bone Weaver Book Review

Genre: YA Fantasy, Fantasy, Political Intrigue, Healing Magic, Slavic Lore, Ukrainian lore, Lithuanian lore, Jewish, Historical Fantasy

Tropes: Zombies, The Undead, Found Family, Parental Mystery, Political Intrigue

My Review:

First off, this book is full of cute family moments that literally had me smiling like a fool. Chapter one had me hooked, and Toma is such an endearing
character that you can’t help but root for her. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Vanya, Toma, and Mikhail.

This feels like the first book in a series, and I really hope Aden Polydoros writes a second installment.

“This feeling that spurred my heart into a frantic beat, the warmth flooding my face, the grin that tugged at my lips—this was joy. This was what it meant to return home.” ~Bone Weaver by: Aden Polydoros

Disclaimer: Make sure you read the glossary because there are a lot of big words and complex magic jargon 😅.

Book Blub:

The Kosa empire roils in tension, on the verge of being torn apart by a proletarian revolution between magic-endowed elites and the superstitious lower class, but seventeen-year-old Toma lives blissfully disconnected from the conflict in the empire with her adoptive family of benevolent undead. When she meets Vanya, a charming commoner branded as a witch by his own neighbors, and the dethroned Tsar Mikhail himself, the unlikely trio bonds over trying to restore Mikhail’s magic and protect the empire from the revolutionary leader, Koschei, whose forces have stolen the castle. Vanya has his magic, and Mikhail has his title, but if Toma can’t dig deep and find her power in time, all of their lives will be at Koschei’s mercy. A haunting fantasy following Toma, adopted daughter of the benevolent undead, making her way across a civil war-torn continent to save her younger sister as she discovers she might possess magical powers herself.


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