Strange the Dreamer Book Review:

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Tropes: Bittersweet Romance, Dreamy Writing, Multi POV, Magical City, Gods, and Goddess

Hey bookworms! I have an enchanting tale to share with you today that will transport you to a world of dreams and mysteries. If you’re ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure, then let me introduce you to “Strange the Dreamer” by Laini Taylor! 

In this mesmerizing story, we meet Lazlo Strange, a war orphan and junior librarian who has always been captivated by the legendary lost city of Weep. Since he was just a young child, he has been consumed by the desire to uncover the secrets hidden within its walls. And when an incredible opportunity arises to join forces with the renowned Godslayer and a band of legendary warriors, Lazlo must seize the chance to pursue his dreams or risk losing them forever.

But the mysteries of Weep run deeper than Lazlo could have ever imagined. What happened two hundred years ago to isolate the city from the world? What exactly did the Godslayer vanquish that was once considered a god? And who is the enigmatic blue-skinned goddess who haunts Lazlo’s dreams? These questions ignite a breathtaking journey filled with wonder, danger, and an undeniable sense of magic. 

As you delve into the pages of “Strange the Dreamer,” you’ll find yourself entangled in a web of ancient legends and fantastical encounters. Laini Taylor’s exquisite prose will transport you to a realm where dreams and reality entwine, blurring the lines between what is possible and what lies beyond imagination. Prepare to lose yourself in a world where dreams choose the dreamer, defying the boundaries of ordinary life. 

This book will keep you turning pages long into the night, yearning for answers and eager to explore the depths of Weep alongside Lazlo. The richly developed characters and the intricate tapestry of Taylor’s storytelling will leave you breathless and craving for more. And remember, dear reader, even when the gods are gone, their presence can still be felt in the echoes of a forgotten world. 

So grab your favorite blanket, brew a cup of tea, and let “Strange the Dreamer” whisk you away to a realm where dreams hold unimaginable power and where the greatest adventures await those who dare to dream. 

Have you read “Strange the Dreamer”? What dreams have chosen you lately? Share your thoughts and let’s embark on this magical journey together! 

P.S. Lazlo is Bae. Periodt.

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