The Librarian’s Ruse by Thirzah Book Review

People who enjoyed the puckish, wholesome humor of The Princess Bride, the royal/political intrigue of Defy the Night, and the chaotic sibling dynamic of Twin Crowns will definitely love this book.

The Libarian’s Ruse is a light, quick, and rambunctious read. There’s no wild scramble to prevent the end of the world or all-powerful evil to conquer, but rather a fun political adventure with two vastly contradicting siblings. There’s an adorable balance of sweetness and sarcastic wit. Amelia is earnest, thoughtful, and unabashedly good. She’s levelheaded and brave but by no means fearless, making her character all the more loveable. While Amelia was wonderful, Leon was my favorite. He was snarky and bold with a dash of ambition that made me root for him even when his intentions weren’t the most honorable.

What truly shines in this book is the sibling dynamic. Leon is quick on his feet, playfully pragmatic, and isn’t afraid to take control of his future. Amelia’s fussy, kind heart often finds fault in Leon’s immoral tendencies. While Leon challenges Amelia’s lack of aspirations. They bring an endearing and banter-filled balance to each other. They often felt like complete opposites, and I hope in the next book we see more of the ways their personalities overlap.

The cute alliance-ship with Kyvir and Amelia had me giggling and kicking my feet, and I would love to see more of how their relationship blossoms.

Overall, the Librarian’s Ruse is a fast-paced, wholesome, and heartfelt read. I’m terribly excited to see where the series goes.

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