Vows of Iniquity May Update: Second Draft Shenanigans

Hey there, fellow wordsmiths and fantasy aficionados!

It’s time for another exciting update on the wild rollercoaster ride that is the second draft process of my debut Young Adult Fantasy Novel, “Vows of Iniquity”! Can you believe it? The first draft is officially in the rearview mirror, and I’ve been knee-deep in the adventure of refining and polishing this epic tale.

As I began sifting through my first draft, I quickly realized my characters had taken on a life of their own. They’d transformed into little rascals, whispering plot twists and character arcs into my ear when I least expected it. It’s as if they’ve formed a secret society within the confines of my laptop, conspiring to make my life as difficult as possible. Sometimes I catch myself squinting at the screen, wondering if they’ve actually snuck in and swapped a few scenes while I wasn’t looking.

But I guess that’s the magic of writing, right? The characters become so real to you they might as well be living, breathing entities. It’s like having a bunch of invisible roommates who refuse to stick to the script you meticulously laid out for them. I’ve tried reasoning with them, but apparently, fictional characters don’t respond well to logic. Who knew?

Armed with my trusty pack of sticky notes and an endless supply of starbursts, I soldier on, determined to wrangle those characters back into line. There’s a delicate dance involved in this second draft tango—trimming excess words, sharpening dialogue, and refining those twists and turns. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between action, emotion, and, of course, a healthy dose of fantasy flair.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom in the editing cave. In fact, there have been moments of pure magic and hilarity amidst the chaos. It’s moments like these that remind me why I fell in love with storytelling in the first place. Those unexpected bursts of brilliance make all the hair-pulling worth it.

So, my friends, thank you for joining me in this whirlwind of laughter, frustration, and triumph. In the end, I’ll emerge with a story that’s tighter, stronger, and ready to whisk readers away to a world of magic and intrigue.

Until next time, keep writing, keep dreaming, and may your characters never be too stubborn to follow the plot.

Yours in ink-stained chaos,

L.T. Ellis 

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