Vows of Iniquity

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Disclaimer: This is a work in progress.  All characters & plots are subject to Leah’s fickle whims and overactive imagination.

Vows of Iniquity Lucianna The Keeper

The Keeper


Keepers have presided over the High Courts of Horizon for 500 years, and Lucianna’s destiny will be no different than the generations of Keepers who came before her. Gifted by the Maker with the ability to smell lies, Lu has lived her life hidden from the world in the remote Petra mountains. Her days are spent quietly training to ascend the High Courts, bound by power and fate to prevent deception among the Councilmen of Horizon. But for a girl raised to despise deceit, Lu holds a frightening amount of secrets. When a Keeper is killed, Lu’s destiny knocks on her door early. Suspicions are turned to the eldest reigning Keeper, a woman named Sterling, whom the Matriarchs call the Silver Witch, and it is up to Lu to find the true killer before they come for her. Desperate to protect the ones she loves, Lu makes the rash decision to form an alliance with a young merchant determined to steal a Councilman seat. He’s power-hungry, rude, and most definitely hiding something, but he might be the only one she can trust in the game of politics. Confronted with the true dangers of being a Keeper, Lu realizes she must seize her destiny or be devoured by it.

The Vowed


Miles’s duty as a Vowed Guard has always been clear: protect and care for his Keeper. To be a Vowed guard is considered one of the highest honors in Horizon, but with the glory comes sacrifice. As dangers and scrawny, arrogant merchants close in, Miles wonders if he’ll be strong enough to protect his Keeper.

The Young Wolf


Hiram Halifax is a wealthy merchant, determined to one day sit among the High Courts as a Councilman. Unfortunately, his family’s criminal past and lack of patience for frivolous social expectations leaves him as a social outcast. With his aspirations dangling by a thread, Hiram realizes there’s only one way to guarantee a spot on the council—earning the favor of a Keeper. Hiram takes a risky chance and unearths the location of the hidden Keeper, traveling to Petra in the hope of forming an alliance. But Hiram is full of secrets. How long can he keep a secret from a girl who can smell lies?

The Thief


Like all Temple apprentices, Akari Hotaru has no family. She only has her wits, greedy fingers, and an unexpected friendship with a future Keeper. When Lucianna’s ascension date is moved forward, Akari finds herself climbing the ranks from petty thievery to a Keeper’s personal pickpocket in the capital city of Horizon. The aroma of glittering, unguarded wealth is intoxicating to the young thief. But the stakes in the High Courts are much higher, and Death has spent an eternity stealing things far more precious than jewels and coin. Akari must learn to navigate lethal political webs while avoiding a Keeper’s clever nose to pull off her greatest heist yet.

Vows of Iniquity Book Timeline

Work In Progress – Vows of Iniquity – YA Fantasy


Had An Idea For A Book

This is where the journey began.


Wrestled With Self Doubt

If you are an aspiring author you know how debilitating imposter syndrome can be.  The struggle is real.


Started Character/World Building

Watched a million videos, researched world/character-building techniques, and pulled out a lot of hair.


Started Writing My First Draft

Built up enough courage to type my first sentence.


Hired A Book Plotting Coach

Got tired of my plot falling apart so I hired a book plotting coach. She was a lifesaver.